Health and Wellbeing at Work

It is no secret that a healthier workforce is a more productive and happier one. A-Z SPORTS COACHING is here to support employers in creating a healthier and more motivated workforce. We work with all types of businesses, offering both in-house and external activities and workshops.

We assess and provide each business with a bespoke in-house/external activities or workshops that engages all employees.

Areas of assessment

Healthy eating in the workplace

Physical activity in the workplace

Let our team of coaches and instructors bring fun-packed activities and sessions to your business and employees!

Key benefits to employees

•    Improved work-life balance
•    Improved health
•    Improved sense of wellbeing and morale
•    Reduced stress and depression
•    Greater team cohesion and inter-employee relations

Key benefits to employers

•    Recruitment and retention of highly skilled staff
•    Increased productivity
•    Positive and caring image
•    Reduced short and long term sickness
•    Improved staff engagement

In-house fitness sessions

(All equipment is provided)

Zumba: Is a dance based fitness program, have fun, move to great music and burn a significant amount of calories!

For all levels of fitness and experience.

Body blast: A fun and action-packed session will have you kicking, punching and jumping allowing you to work every single muscle in your body.

Yoga: Our yoga is designed to improve posture, increase strength, develop flexibility and boost mental wellbeing!

All-in-one health and wellbeing session.

Boxercise- Get fit and fight the fat. Gloves, pads, bags and skipping ropes in an exciting pules raising session.

In-house activities

Energetic and fun-packed activities designed for all to participate in the comfort of your own department or office!

•    Get up and get active sessions (fun-based activities to bring movement and energy to the team)

Hula hoops, bands, space hoppers and many more

•    Healthy eating workshops (non-judgmental workshops offering advice and guidance)

•    Massage and therapy sessions (relaxing and soothing experience)

External sports sessions

We also offer coaching sessions in specific sports for your business such as:

Football (5-aside or 7-aside)
Softball (rounders)
Non-contact Boxing

These sports sessions will be exclusive to your employee Also why not join us for the monthly or quarterly friendly tournaments that we run for businesses and corporate organisations!

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